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Selling your Rosarito, Ensenada, Los Cabos or greater Baja area real estate? Read these reports first!


Selling a home in today’s market is no easy task. Selling a home in Mexico is almost impossible. Baja Brokers understand the many obstacles facing sellers of Baja real estate today, and we work directly with our clients to best position their properties for sale. Presentation is everything in this economy and we take additional steps to insure that their properties are promoted in the best way possible. Simply placing a hardware store “for sale” sign in your window will not get the job done.

Today, the internet is everything, and Baja Brokers has more experience with internet marketing than any other real estate broker in Baja. We place our client’s listings on 11 different websites that promote vacation real estate, and we dedicate a large percentage of our income every year promoting our own site as well. The traffic that the internet generates is often the difference between a sold home and one that sits on the market for years.
Baja Brokers also understands the importance of using quality photographs when promoting a property online. Image is everything as they say and this holds especially true for real estate sales. If you are selling a 300,000 condo, and you skimp on the photos, you should not be surprised when few people come to see your property. Most sellers in Baja today have the Realtor take the photos of their house so they can save the 50 dollar expense of hiring a professional photographer. This is just one of the many expenses that EVERY seller today should expect to have. In the U.S. people pay $500 for “staging” companies to come in and re-arrange their furniture and clean the house so that they can sell their $150,000 home faster. Here in Baja that idea hasn’t caught on, but it should. Baja Brokers works with qualified photographers and cleaning companies so that we can provide our clients with the tools they need to sell their homes quickly.

While you are waiting for your property to sell, Baja Brokers can provide property management and maintenance services as well as supply short term renters that can help offset your expenses. Most real estate brokers in Baja do not handle rentals for the simple reason that they are a major pain to deal with. We don’t like them either, but the truth is that some of our clients cannot afford to carry their Baja properties anymore and rental income is critical for their survival. The glory days are over, and our goal is simply to help our sellers weather the storm, while we wait together for better times. Rental services are therefore a major part of Baja Brokers business. We handle more rental properties than anyone in Baja, and we can help you get your property rented fast. We can collect the rent, pay the bills and maintain the property, whatever it takes to keep you moving forward in the best shape possible.
Whatever your needs, give Baja Brokers a call today, and ask for our free home inspection and consultation. 

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