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Information on how to get your mail in Baja

Getting your mail in Baja is as easy as it is in The U.S. In every major city there ane a number of mail service companies who send their agents across the boarder every single day to pick up U.S. and Canadian mail in San Ysidro California. The rates are all very competitive and comparable to what you pay back home. Below are mail service companies that we have worked with directly and been very hapy with. All of Baja Brokers mail comes to us here in Rosarito Beach at the International mail service office in the Oceana Plaza. We couldn't recomend them highly enough. After 2 years of service we have never lost a parcel or had a complaint. The office below in Ensenada is also excelent and the right choice if you are living there. As we find out about new companies in different towns we will post them her. If you know of a good company in your area please let us know and we will post the info here.

International Mail Services: Elizebeth Carbajal

Rosarito Beach

US: 619-955-6505

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