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As we all know, Black Friday changed everything for online gambling. The U.S. Government seized domains for many sites and made playing in the U.S. impossible. Hundreds of professional players have now left the states for Costa Rica, Canada and Mexico.  At Baja Brokers, we understand that online players have special needs that weekend travelers and retirees don’t. The number one issue facing players living in Mexico is the amount of time it can take to get a phone line installed. Without an internet connection, you are not in the game, and this can cost you a ton in winnings.

Baja Brokers assist players on Poker Stars and Bodog get up and running fast. We have a Poker Expat assistance program designed to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. In most cases we can get your Telnor Internet line installed in 48 hours or less. We can also take you to the Cable Company, the electric company, the post office and the best bottled water suppliers as soon as you arrive so you are not searching around trying to find the services you need the most. Want to know where the best grocery store is? Do you know where all of the outdoor markets are? What about the best clubs in TJ and Ensenada? Do you need an English speaking dentist or doctor? We are Americans who have lived here for years and we know where to find the best of everything. It is our opinion that Poker Players are an import new addition to our community and we want to ensure that you love living here and have access to everything you need. Whatever you want to find in Baja, we know where to get it.  Call us today and ask us about our Poker Expat program. 

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