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The majority of expat owned homes and condos in Baja Norte are either summer homes or rentals. Each unit requires attention on a monthly basis even if left empty. Utility bills must be paid, landscaping may be needed and just like in the U.S., it is always wise to have someone check on the house from time to time. For rentals, you want to maximize your earnings each year by having a strong realtor representing you so that you can expect at least 6 months of rental income each year. Many realtors don’t handle rentals because of the extreme amount of time it takes promoting and managing a property effectively.

Baja Brokers specializes in rentals and property management because we know that in tough times like these you just can’t wait for people to come knocking on your door. Now more than ever you need to aggressively promote your property or it will sit empty. 

We work with all of our clients to maximize their annual income so that the carrying charges on those properties are reduced to the lowest possible number. We also provide the services needed to maintain the property and preserve its value.

Call Baja Brokers today to see how we can help you manage your Baja assets.

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