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Rosarito Beach, MexicoRosarito Beach is one of the most popular destinations for retiring Americans. Just 20 minutes south of the border, Rosarito is home to all of the amenities Americans are used to. There is a WalMart, Home Depot and major theatre located in the local mall, as well as a large number of dentist and physicians who speak English and cater to the American and Canadian Expats. Rosarito also has a variety of renowned restaurants to choose from. You can choose from traditional Mexican cooking, sensational seafood, including our internationally famous Puerto Nuevo lobster, delicious steak dinners, and a broad selection of other specialty American, Chinese, French and Italian cuisines.

Rosarito hotels range from the world famous Rosarito Beach Hotel pictured above, to the Spring Break hotel of choice the Festival Plaza, and the ocean front Rosarito Inn. From luxury to inexpensive, Rosarito has something for everyone.

You can’t talk about Rosarito without talking about Golf. Located between two golf courses, Rosarito is one of the best locations in Baja for Golf lovers from the states. To the north, the Real Del Mar course is located on the scenic road between Playas de Tijuana and Rosarito Beach. It is an 18 hole course with range that also has 76 hotel suites for visiting golf fans. BajaMar is located on the scenic road south of Rosarito and has 27 holes and 81 rooms for guest. Most Rosarito hotels have special golf packages for their guest.

While Dad’s playing golf, one of the most popular activities for the younger visitor is Surfing. Rosarito has some excellent breaks including Baja Malibu, Calafia and the world famous K38. Once away from the Rosarito Beach resorts, the beaches and scenery become wilder and more scenic, and many Baja surf spots are completely empty.

An ideal place for shopping, in Rosarito you’ll discover traditional Mexican crafts, hand blown glass, quality leather goods, silver jewelry and much more in our artisan shops. Furniture stores, wrought iron, pottery, marble and handmade goods are plentiful all around town.

Whale watching is another popular pastime, and the Gray Whale is the most common species seen near the coast of Rosarito Beach. The Grey Whales swim in shallow waters seeking Baja’s many lagoons for calving, and many of them travel near Rosarito as they pass by, and it’s not uncommon to see spouts from the beach. 

Rosarito Beach is also home to North Americas third largest bike ride which is held twice a year. The Rosarito-Ensenada run is an award winning 50 mile bicycle ride along the Pacific Coast and inland through the rural countryside from Rosarito to Enesenada. Traveling through Baja California by bicycle is one of the best ways to experience the beauty and scenery that the area has to offer.

So whatever you desire, Rosarito Beach has something for everyone. Widely considered one of the best places to retire, it is also a nature lovers paradise. Contact us today to see firsthand why so many call Rasarito home.

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