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The Baja wine industry got its start in Mexico in 1524, when the governor of New Spain, conquistador Hernando Cortez ordered every Spaniard with a land grant from the crown to plant 1,000 grape vines for every 100 Indians in his employ, every year for five years. Perhaps the Cortez edict to the colonists succeeded too well, and early settlers were judged too enthusiastic about the product. In any event, the Spanish crown abruptly forbade the production of local wines in 1699, dooming early Mexican vineyards and forcing the colonials to purchase the Spanish wines of the day or go without. Catholic missionaries in need of sacramental wines did cultivate vines, however, despite the viceroys' determined interference.

In 1706, Jesuits brought wine to the Baja peninsula when Padre Juan Ugarte planted the first grapes at the San Ignacio Mission. In the 1790s, Franciscan priests discovered the fertile Valle Santo Tomás as they were traveling north.

In 1834, Dominican priests founded the "Mision de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe del Norte" - this was the last mission established in the Californias and the one that functioned the least amount of time. When in 1888 the Mexican government secularized the Missions, the Santo Tomás Vineyards were reassigned to private ownership and the Bodegas de Santo Tomás was established. In the early 1900s, Russian refugees settled in the Guadalupe Valley between Ensenada and Tecate, bringing with them prize wine grape cuttings from Europe. Thus, the Baja wine country was born.

The Baja California Wine Country is located just north of Ensenada on the Ruta del Vino, and is quickly becoming the hottest real estate market in Baja. Much of the Baja California peninsula has a semi-desert climate, but the Baja wine region is blessed with the ideal Mediterranean climate for growing grapes. There are few places in Mexico that combine the unique characteristics of elevation, soil, climate and temperature that are unique to this region. The valleys of Valle de Guadalupe, Valle de Calafia and San Antonio de Las Minas make up the heart of Baja wine country, while Santo Tomas, San Vicente Ferrer and Ojos Negros make up the rest. More than 90% of Mexico’s table wines are produced in Valle de Guadalupe.

Mexican wines from this region have obtained international recognition, and are being exported to Europe, Canada and the United States in ever increasing quantities.

In the Baja California Wine Country you will find a charming and diverse group of winemakers that range from small boutique-style haciendas to large industrialized operations, all of which possess the special magic of Mexican Winemaking. Visit the L. A. Cetto winery for a taste of their award winning Nebbiolo and Petite Sirah wines or visit Tres Mujeres Winery for a taste of some fine blends and artisanal wines.

Besides the hotels in nearby Ensenada or Tecate, there are excellent country accommodations ready for you right in the heart of the Baja California Wine Country.  Adobe Guadalupe and Las Brisas del Valle are fine examples of places to stay.

The Baja Wine Country also offers a wide array of dining options as well, everything from home style Mexican food served in a relaxed atmosphere to a fine dining experience with world famous Baja Med cuisine. Visit LajaEl Correcaminos or La Hacienda for a fine variety of foods from gourmet to traditional.

Below is a listing of some of the most popular wineries in Baja. Be sure to ask your Baja Brokers agent about wine tours and investment opportunities in the region.


Bodegas de Santo Thomas

Bodegas de Santo Thomas - The oldest winery in Mexico established in 1888. This tasting room is located in Ensenada. After a tour of the facility you will visit the tasting room where you will be able to enjoy more than 26 different wines with bread and cheese. Santo Thomas invites you to visit their original wine making installations, cellar and vineyards that are located 44 Km. south of the city of Ensenada, you can visit them with prior reservations. Open M -Sat. 10 - 4pm. Ph. (646) 174-0836

Cava Valmar

Cava Valmar - founded in 1983 by brothers Hector and Gontran Valentín, along with winemaker Fernando Martain. One of the oldest wine cellars, offering wine tasting, shopping and tours by appointment. This winery is located in Ensenada on Riveroll  # 1950 Esq. Calle Ambar.

Ph. (646) 178-6405


L.A. Cetto Boutique

L.A. Cetto Boutique - L. A. Cetto Boutique is located in Ensenada. Here they offer tours and wine tastings. If you want to visit their vineyards they are located 45 minutes south of Ensenada off of Highway 3. The Boutique in Ensenada is Open Daily: 10:00 - 5 pm. No appointment necessary for tasting. Ph. (646) 155-2264


Adobe Guadalupe

Adobe Guadalupe - located well beyond Chateau Camou Winery, is Adobe Guadalupe was founded in 1998 by retired California banker Donald Miller and his wife, Tru. It is hard to find as there is only a small sign marking the entrance so make sure you get good directions. The winery is an elaborate Arabic-Moorish hacienda surrounded by vineyards. They have a small tasting bar, and Adobe Guadalupe is also a bed and breakfast with six guest rooms. Reservations required for tasting.

Ph. (646) 155-2094

Barón Balché

Barón Balché - Vineyards and an adobe brick winery, tasting room and store. Shopping, wine tasting and tours. Available for private parties. Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. From highway #3 take the main road and turn right at the Health Center (“IMSS Centro de Salud”). Next parcel over from Adobe Guadalupe.

Ph. (646) 183-9501


Bibayoff - Bibayoff  Bodegas in  Valle de Guadalupe is located off of highway 3 at "El Tigre" in San Antonio de Las Minas. Babayoff is owned by David Bibayoff, who uses a blend of traditional and modern techniques in his wine making. The only winery and vineyard with Russian tradition, it offers wine, wine tasting, outdoor banquet facilities, campground and a small private museum. Tasting reservations required.

Ph. (646) 177-2722

Casa Pedro Domecq

Casa Pedro Domecq - Located only 32 klms from Ensenada are the Domecq Winery and the vineyards of the Calafia Valley. Founded in 1973, this winery is famous throughout Mexico for making both wine and brandy, and is considered the marketing pioneer of Mexican wines. Pedro Domecq (of the giant Allied-Domecq corporation) has produced lower and medium-tier wines that have been restaurant standards for years. Tasting room open: M-F: 10 - 4, Sat. 10 - 3pm no appointment necessary.

Ph. (646) 155-2333


Cava de Don Juan - The vineyard is located at km 28 on Highway 3 to Tecate in the Valle de las Palmas. Cava don Juan has a wine garden, cellar and store with products from the Don Juan Ranch, vineyards and winery. The store offers local olive oil, olives, grapes, wine, preserves and honey. No reservations required for tastings. Open Daily: 9 - 5pm. Ph. (664) 681-9457

Château Camou

Château Camou - Located in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate. Their wines are born in the beatiful and tranquil mountains known as the Cañada del Trigo, buried in the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe, the most important wine growing valley in Mexico. Their land has ideal conditions of both climate and soil, just right for Château Camou's vineyards originating from grafts of noble varieties from the Old Continent, to develop to their utmost under the Baja California sun. Reservations required for groups over 10 people. Open M-S: 10 - 4pm, Sun: 10 - 2pm. (646) 177-2221

Doña Lupe

Doña Lupe - Located in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate. Take the L. A. Cetto exit past their front gates and follow the signs. It’s the same unpaved road that leads to the town of San Antonio Nécua. Family owned cottage with local agricultural products and organically grown wine tasting and farm products: herbs, cheese, grapes, honey, incense, wine and baked goods. No Reservation required. Open: 9. to 7pm. Ph (646)155-2323

L.A. Cetto

L.A. Cetto - just past Domecq on the right side of the road. Founded by Angel Cetto from Italy. L. A. Cetto is one of the most renowned and oldest wineries in Mexico. In addition to the vineyards, L. A. Cetto offers gardens, a picnic area, wine tasting room, tours and they also have a tasting boutique in Ensenada and Tijuana called L.A. Cetto Wine Boutique. Open Daily: 10:00 - 5 pm. No appointment necessary for tasting. 

Ph. (646) 155-2264


Mogor Badan - The vineyard is located at km 86.5 on Highway 3 to Tecate, at the ranch called El Mogor. Winemaker Antonio Badan handles every aspect of the winemaking himself, from crushing the grapes to pasting on the labels, which he designed using type from an old print shop in Paris. Mogor Badan, produced just 300 cases last year. Tours and wine tasting by appointment, tel/fax (646) 177-1484.

Monte Xanic

Monte Xanic - In 1987 five partners founded Monte Xanic with the intention of producing the highest quality wines and establishing a new benchmark for Mexican winemaking. The Guadalupe Valley located in Baja California , 1300 feet above sea level and 10 miles from the Pacific Coast , offers optimal conditions for the cultivation of the finest grapes. Monte Xanic is located in Francisco Zarco, Valle de Guadalupe, just off Highway 3 to Tecate. Tasting reservations required. Open: M-F: 9 - 4pm, S: 8 - 12pm. Ph. (646)174- 6155

Santo Tomas Boutique and Winery

Santo Tomas Boutique and Winery - This popular facility is located near San Antonio de Las Minas. It is the vineyards for the Bodegas de Santo Thomas winery in Enseanada. Owner Jorge G. Barrios has an alliance with the winery and operates an intriguing and interesting wine tasting room and art gallery. He offers wine tasting, tours, art exhibits, special events, catered dining and more. Open Wed -Sun 9 -1 pm. Ph. (646)174-6051 or cell # 947-6050.

Vina Liceaga

Vina Liceaga -The vineyard is located at km 93 in valley of San Antonio de Las Minas, Baja California. It was established in 1983, by an aquisition of 20 hectares of land on the Ensenada Tecate Highway. At Vina Liceaga they capture the magic of the vineyard through their selected wines. Their facility in the next five years will produce 10000 cases of wine. Wine tastings reservations not required, but recommended. Open: M-F: 8 - 5pm, S-S: 11 - 5pm. Ph.(646) 155-3093


Vinisterra - is located in the town of San Antonio de Las Minas, 25 km east of Ensenada. Winemaking at Vinisterra has as a premise the greatest respect for the fruit that every vineyard gives us each year. The idea is to intervene minimally as far as technology is concerned, encouraging the full expression of the grape’s origin and the climatic conditions of that year. Tasting reservations required weekdays. Open: Sat 11 - 5pm, Sun. 11 - 4pm. Ph.(646) 178-3350

Vinos Casa De Piedra

Vinos Casa De Piedra - The vineyard is located at km 93.5 in valley of San Antonio de Las Minas, Baja California. At Casa de Piedra, we have endeavored to make "Estate Wine" using the grapes from the area and its diverse microclimates. Utilizing the latest technology combined with the expertise and sensibility of our winemakers, we have attained a level upon which, and each bottle exclusively reflects the personality of the land. Reservations required for tasting. Ph.(646) 155-3097


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